Issue Four: In Full Flesh (Eugene Cover 1)

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Shot by Eugene Shishkin

Featuring global artistic tastemakers and musical trailblazers from London to Los Angeles, Taichung to Tokyo, this issue presents a visually and audibly impactful amalgamation of crisp colour tones, dramatic shadows, lo-fi lighting, raw textures, silky-smooth productions, and a provocative, minimalist aesthetic. As each piece unfolds, the reader navigates through a rich, thematic compilation of film-only photography and physical matter that pioneers a fresh perspective on today’s print media landscape.

Size: 297 x 230mm
Pagination: 200 pages

Includes works by:
Francesco Brigida
Asger Carlsen
Caroline Denervaud
Liberto Fillo
Sean Alexander Geraghty
Emmanuel Giraud
Brandon Harman
Mayumi Hosokura
Jared Monmouth
Cassie Morien
Madeleine Morlet
Michael Salerno
Rosaline Shahnavaz
Katy Shayne
Eugene Shishkin
Sarah Sitkin
Christiane Spangsberg
Camilla Sverdrup-Thygeson
Leigh Wells
Ken Xun Cao
Tseng Yen Lan