Issue One: Black Sheep

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Size: 297 x 230mm
Pagination: 144 pages

While some people prefer to conform to the industry’s standard, Teeth values the significance of being out-of-the-ordinary. By taking risks and challenging ourselves, we Black Sheep can build a platform of extraordinary talent that inspires, shifts the perception of being different and keeps readers on their toes.

This issue features works by:
Georgia Bayliss
Courtney Chavanel
Donald Gjoka
Lindsay Hamlyn
Matt Kramer
Aliester Meek
Tiffany Nicholson
Kasia Pawlowska
François Pragnère
Daria Kobayashi Ritch
Emma Sobota
Tyler Spangler
Jacob Spriggs
Camilla Sverdrup-Thygeson
Nuala Swan

Design & Art Direction by She Was Only