Issue Three: Internal Inferno (Digital Version)


This digital download includes all three covers by Daisy Walker, Camilla Sverdrup-Thygeson and Anders Kylberg.

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These awe-inspiring photographers, writers, stylists, artists, musicians and models manifest an electric, celestial world that uncovers today’s limitless counterculture with forthright and subversive depictions of sex, style, anatomy, nature, religion, and contemporary connections. Each uninhibited story in this issue takes you on an unconventional, intercontinental journey that will tease you, please you and possibly leave you searching for water in a desperate bid to quench the flames.

Includes works by:
Anna Block
Hannah Burgos
Matt Colombo
Maryana Dmitrusenko
Tagen Donovan
Joanie Eaton
Sean Alexander Geraghty
Moffy Gathorne Hardy
Kelsey Henderson
Sam Hiscox
Mayumi Hosokura
Anders Kylberg
Scott Ramsay Kyle
Helio León
Jingyu Lin
Jessica Mahaffey
Ronan Mckenzie
Masha Mel
Jared Monmouth
David Murray
Kasia Pawlowska
François Pragnère
Chloe Rosolek
Michael Salerno
Rosaline Shahnavaz
Camilla Sverdrup-Thygeson
Daisy Walker