Issue Two: Youth In Revolt

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Size: 297 x 230mm
Pagination: 207 pages

As we grasp for what is now and look beyond for what’s to come, this generation of young, ambitious and bold artists have shown that age is just a number and that their future, just like Teeth, is on the verge of something weird and wonderful.

This issue features works by:

Ashley Armitage
Ernesto Artillo
Laurie Basset
Kate Bellm
Stella Berkofsky
Julien Bernard
Dana Boulos
Guy Clark
Matt Colombo
Tagen Donovan
Brandon Harman
Connor Lyons
David Murray
François Pragnère
Ronan Mckenzie
Michael Salerno
Eugene Shishkin
Delia Simonetti
Camilla Sverdrup-Thygeson
Jovan Todorovic